Commercial Structures

Prefabricated and on-site commercial and industrial buildings

Civil constructions

Retirement homes, hotels, multi-residential buildings

Prestigious chalet

Prestigious chalets equipped with every comfort and surrounded by nature

Prestigious residences

Prestigious single-family homes with fine finishes

Interior finishes

Plant engineering, floors, coverings, doors and windows

Finishes for exteriors

Construction of stone walls, gardens, floors and wooden facades


The construction company Apollo Srl has been operating for over forty years in all the main sectors of building construction and is specialized in the construction and renovation of civil and commercial structures, in the construction of prestigious villas and chalets and in the creation of interior and exterior finishes. . The company, which has always been managed directly by the Apollo family, first by the forefather Floriano and then, starting from the early 2000s, also by his sons Andrea, Barbara and Luca, is based on a solid corporate structure capable of combining experience and innovation. The headquarters of Apollo Srl is located in Netro (BI), a small town in the Elvo Valley that boasts a historical tradition in the field of construction: in fact, already in the nineteenth century most of the inhabitants of the town carried out the profession of bricklayer working both on the territory Biella than in the French one. In order to follow these footsteps and to open up completely to new markets, Apollo Constructions was born alongside Apollo Srl in 2011, based first in Chamonix and now in Les Houches and which operates in the construction of residential buildings, prestigious chalets and in the renovation of shelters.